At GreenClub, we believe that everyone can play a part to act on climate change! Through our projects, we create a community where small actions by many individiuals make a substantial impact.

Current Projects

Sustainability for All: January 2022 - Present

GreenClub's current iniative directly aligns with our goal of enabling everyone to act on climate change. We're currently working on a Cornell-customized carbon footprint calculator to provide a personalized plan to help our members become the most environmentally sustainable version of themselves.

The most sustainable version of ourselves will look different for everyone and will most likely require change, but we aspire to learn and grow. With events and projects tailored towards to community-building and sustainable living, we truly hope to create an open, inclusive, and diverse community that will enable everyone to do the same and collaboratively mold a sustainable future!

Past Projects & Initatives

Carbon Offsets: April 2019-March 2021

Carbon offsets helped GreenClub members indirectly counteract their personal carbon footprint, the amount of carbon dioxide they emitted from everyday activities such as charging a laptop, driving a car, or eating food, by funding the reduction of carbon emissions elsewhere. Throughout the duration of the initiative, GreenClub partnered with various ethical and cost-effective programs to offset 1 ton of carbon emissions per month per member. Check out ways to stay involved with carbon offsetting on our Instagram or your Dashboard.

1076 tons

Total CO2 emissions offset by GreenClub members


September 2020 - March 2021
Following the end of our partnership with GreenTrees, GreenClub supported 3Degrees, an umbrella organization for a wide range of carbon offset efforts within the renewable energy industry. These offsets are generated by a variety of practices including wind energy, HFC emissions reduction, landfill gas capture, reforestation, and more. 3Degrees demonstrates just how far-ranging the carbon offsetting industry can be. To learn more, click here to visit the 3Degrees website.


April 2019 - August 2020
Since our launch in 2019, GreenClub’s partnership with GreenTrees has been an effective, nature-based approach to offset carbon emissions. GreenTrees is the largest reforestation effort in the US, and data from the number of trees they plant translates to carbon credits- a tangible way to measure the amount of carbon offset by the trees. The benefits of reforestation go much farther than carbon offsets: reforestation aids in the recovery and preservation of entire ecosystems. All reforestation efforts from GreenTrees are within the Mississippi Alluvial Valley, or “America’s Amazon.” To learn more, click here to visit the GreenTrees website.

Green Worker Cooperatives

June 2020
There can be no sustainability without social justice. In the light of national turmoil over police brutality and systemic racism, the GreenClub team was compelled to do its part. For the month of June 2020, GreenClub allocated monthly subscriptions towards Green Workers Cooperative (GWC), an organization in South Bronx, NY focused on combating environmental racism. With its mission of building, growing, and sustaining worker-owned green businesses to create a strong, local, and democratic economy rooted in racial and gender equality, GWC unites minorities and immigrants of all backgrounds and identities to advance sustainability. Although GWC does not provide verified carbon offsets, they and similar initiatives play a key role in creating a greener future. To learn more, click here to visit the Green Worker Cooperatives website.

National Forest Foundation

Earth Day 2020: April 22
This past Earth Day, GreenClub partnered with the National Forest Foundation to plant trees, a simple way to reduce the amount of carbon in the atmosphere while preventing soil erosion, restoring damage from wildfires, providing habitats for wildlife, and creating beautiful scenery. The reforestation projects that The National Forest Foundation funds are all US-based and are located in protected areas. All donations during this campaign were matched 1:1 by the NFF. To learn more, click here to visit NFF’s website.