Act on climate change.

Offset up to 1 ton of CO2 emissions each month. Reduce your personal carbon footprint.

1076 tons

Total CO2 emissions offset by GreenClub members

How GreenClub Works

Making it simple and affordable to act on climate change

Reduce CO2 emissions

Contribute $5 or $10 each month to reducing your carbon footprint. We invest in verified emissions reduction and removal projects in the US. Your subscription helps reduce up to 1 ton of CO2 each month, about the carbon footprint for an average college student.

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Join a community of people taking action against climate change. Spread awareness with GreenClub merch. Save money with access to special perks from partnering businesses. Find new and creative ways to support a more sustainable lifestyle.

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"An awesome idea for enabling all of us to act on our climate concern. I call on everyone to join in."

Prof Marianne Krasny
Director, Cornell Civic Ecology Lab
GreenClub Member